Free Child Dental Services

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South Breeze Dentistry supports the Child Dental Benefits Schedule - Free Dental Services for Children in Australia

What is CDBS? 

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is an initiative taken by the Australian Government and run by Medicare to help children from low-income households have access to dental care services.

Eligible children are granted up to $1,013 worth of dental care services for 2 consecutive calendar years. For more information on the 2 year period of eligibility, you may read more here.

The CDBS has been providing plenty of children dental care services that are essential to keep them healthy and smiling confidently. South Breeze Dentistry is one of many reliable partners of Medicare and the Australian government in making this initiative possible. 

What services are covered by the CDBS? 

The CDBS provides basic dental care services for children including the following:


Dental check-ups and examinations






Fissure sealing




Root canals



All dental services, including basic dental care, have certain requirements and restrictions. Make sure you discuss them with your dentist before you avail of any service.

Is your child eligible to receive CDBS?

There’s no necessary application or registration needed to be eligible for CDBS. You will receive a letter from the Australian government if your child is eligible for the benefit.

Your child is eligible to receive CDBS if:


They are between 2-17 years old


They are eligible for Medicare


You or they receive an eligible payment from the Australian government at least once a year

To see a list of eligible payments to qualify for the CDBS, you may check this list.

Claim your child’s CDBS!

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Check the eligibility guidelines, have your Medicare card ready, and light the world up with us, one bright smile at a time!